What is a Overhead Lamp? What Are Overhead Warning Lights For?

What is a Overhead Lamp? What Are Overhead Warning Lights For?

What is a Overhead Lamp? What Are Warning Lights For?

Overhead warning lights, also known as headlights, have a versatile purpose of use, especially traffic safety and work safety. The overhead lamps, which are divided into different varieties, have different meanings according to the colors they reflect. As ILX Engineering, which also includes skylights among its products, we will answer those who are curious about the headlights in this week's blog post. Throughout the article, we will give answers to questions such as "What is the overhead lamp?", "What does the overhead lamp do?" And "Where to buy the overhead lamp?".

What is a Overhead Lamp? What Does It Do?

The headlight is used to detect vehicles such as police, gendarmerie, fire brigade, road maintenance and private security in traffic; These are the warning light types used in occupational safety areas. The overhead lamps fixed to the places where they are used have different meanings according to the colors they reflect and give warning to those around according to these meanings. The headlights have different colors such as yellow, blue, white, green and red. Among the types of headlights that are divided into different types among themselves, there are varieties such as strobe overhead, rotating overhead, wired overhead lamp and magnet overhead lamp.

Features of Light Bars

All of the headlights produced by ILX Engineering are locally produced products. Developed with the latest technology and materials, ILX skylight warning lights ensure that the warning light is visible even in areas with high light values. Among the overhead warning lights we offer for you, you can find varieties such as green, blue, white, yellow and red headlights. The power consumption of our wired headlights is at an extremely reasonable level. The operating modes of the ILX Overhead Lamps, in which the buzzer type can be adjusted intermittently or continuously, are 4 types as fixed, flasher, strobe and rotary. Vehicles are stationary on the right or left roof, even when moving.

Usage Areas of Overhead Warning Lights

We can list the main areas and places of use of the overhead lamps as follows:
Police vehicles
Protection fleets
Police teams
Security tools
Fire Department
Funeral vehicles
Private security tools
Road maintenance vehicles
Rescue vehicles
Work machine overhead lamp

Overhad Lamp Prices

In the last part of our blog post about the overhead lights, we can also provide a brief information about the prices of the overhead lights. The material and production qualities of the overhead lamps, which can also be described as vehicle headlights, affect the price range. Therefore, the prices of the overhead lamps vary from product to product. You can reach the multi series warning light types we offer for you via the link. You can browse the types of overhead lamps; You can consult us for price information of the overhead lamp models that seem suitable for you.


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