Siko - Vertical and Horizontal Distance Measurement Technologies

Siko - Vertical and Horizontal Distance Measurement Technologies

SIKO Turkey

SIKO Group, the German technology brand, is the ILX MÜHENDİSLİK İML.İTH.İHR.SAN. TİC.LTD.ŞTİ many machines and production company in the market under the name of Turkey's industry, crane industry and is one of the leading companies in the supply similar products for automation applications.

SIKO Encoder, Actuator, Magnetic Linear Sensor and Digital - Anolog Indicators, which we have been distributing with the developing technology every day, also take part in the locomotive position in the sector.


SIKO has a wide range of encoders that support CANopen-Redoundent, Profibus, SSI, RS485 and Sikonet communication protocols. These products are Absolute-Incremental encoders and they are also SGH Serial intra-piston rope encoder group, which is also used with wire rope encoders and cylinders.

Rotary encoders are also available with various shaft options, shaft and hole models, and all applications with high sensitivity in the sector are also preferred.


In addition, our AG Series Fieldbus actuators, which serve as linear positioning, are between 3.2 Nm and 14 Nm torque powers, and with their electronic display and non-electronic display options, Wood, PVC, Metal processing and similar sectors are among our most preferred product range in Europe and in our country. .

Our Fieldbus Actuators are high gear ratio products with Profibus-DP, CANopen, RS485, Sikonet, Profinet, EtherNet / IP and Poverlink communication options.

Magnetic linear sensor and bands

In the magnetic linear sensor group, SIKO MSK, MSA and MS series are high-strength reader heads with plastic metal body models with cylindrical and square design in various pulse and micron ranges.

MB Series linear and MR-MBR series round bands, which are auxiliary products for magnetic linear sensors, are flexible products with high strength with various N / S pole spacing. In particular, our magnetic linear bands have options of various widths and desired lengths.

In addition, our magnetic sensors have automatic offsetting, easy-to-read MA Series electronic pulse indicator displays, and radio frequency communication can be applied with the support of extra RTX modules in their communication.

 Counter (indicator)

Our digital indicators with electronic display in DE and AP series have proven themselves in the market with their high-strength battery life and options. It is a technological product with distinctive features, with its clockwise and counter-clockwise incremental, freely programmable option, robust shaft structure, and high resolution LCD display with various diameter ratios.

In the analogue counter (indicator) group, the DA series is a mechanical product with a robust shaft structure and diameter options with a robust body in various pitch ratios. It should never be overlooked that it is produced with real german technology.


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