Servo Motor Types and Usage Areas

Servo Motor Types and Usage Areas
Servo motor types, which are frequently used in industrial applications, are especially used for accurate position and speed controls. Servo motors, which have many application areas, show an efficiency increasing effect in industrial applications. As ILX Engineering, we will discuss servo motors in the blog post we prepared this week. We hope it will be a useful blog post for those who want to learn about servo motors, we wish you a good reading.

What is Kinco Servo Motor?

Before moving on to the types of servo motors, we can give a brief information about what servo motors are. Servo motors, which are one of the closed circuit motor systems, are a type of motor that has an angle, position and speed that other motors cannot reach thanks to its parts. Servo motors, which have different types among themselves, are a variety that can meet different needs.

Servo Motor Types

Servo motors are basically divided into 3 main groups as AC servo motor, DC servo motor and spindle servo motor. You can find information about servo motor types below:

1. AC (Alternating Current) Servo Motors
AC servo motors are a type of motor used especially in industrial projects where high power requirements and frequency values ​​are required. One of the most important features of AC servo motor types is that the magnetic field is fixed and the coils are in motion. In addition to this, AC servo motors; It comes to the fore with its high-energy magnetic field, its stability even under the most difficult conditions, and its fast operation. AC servo motors also have varieties such as two-phase and three-phase servo motors.

2. DC (Direct Current) Servo Motors

DC servo motors, also referred to as permanent magnet motors, are fed from the rotor voltage source or current source. With different combinations to be made in DC servo motors, different torque speed characteristics can be created

3. Spindle Servo Motors,

One of the main types of servo motors is spindle servo motors. It is especially used in industrial applications where motor types that can rotate at high speeds are needed. Spindle servo motors, which can be used in many different sectors, are known for their feature of increasing the speed rhythm to maximum levels. Spindle motors can rotate even at high speeds.

Advantages of Servo Motors

Although there are features in which each type of servo motor stands out; We can summarize the general advantages Kinco servo motors offer under a heading:
It is a variety of motors that can be used for many industrial applications.
Since it has high equipment and features, it visibly increases the working efficiency in the areas where they are used.
It quickly detects the transmitted commands and puts them into practice quickly.
The frequency of stop-and-go movements does not damage the servo motors.
Even when working at high speeds, it performs the commands it receives with determination.
Their turning moment is extremely high.

Usage Areas of Servo Motors

After mentioning the types of servo motors, we can list the usage areas of servo motors. The main usage areas of servo motors are as follows:
Positioning systems
Digital controlled machines
Medical devices
Office machines
Packaging systems
Laboratory equipment
Automatic welding machines
Press machines
Labeling Machines
Filling Machines
Paper-Cardboard Production Lines

Factors Affecting the Prices of Servo Motors

As we mentioned in the previous sections of our article, servo motors are divided into different types among themselves. The type of servo motor is one of the first factors affecting the prices of these motors. Among the other main factors affecting the prices of servo motors are variables such as torque, speed, flange and power values ​​of the servo motor.
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