What is the Motorized Siren ? Where to use ?

What is the Motorized Siren ? Where to use ?
To begin with this content, "What is a motorized siren?" If we answer the question; We can say that the motorized siren is a propeller system that operates at a high speed with air compression and can produce a loud sound. Motorized sirens are generally systems that can produce loud sounds. The loudness of the motorized siren is directly related to the power of the engine. The louder the motorized siren sound, the higher the motor power.

Motorized sirens offer many advantages in terms of use. It has only one drawback; unavailability for a long time. We recommend that the person who wants to use it for a long time, take a look at the pipe horn and buzzer page.

Motorized Siren Usage Areas

Sirens warn with an effective sound. Motorized siren usage areas are quite high. We can summarize these usage areas as follows;

In generator rooms.

In machine rooms.

In case of any dent in mines such as coal and gold, the use of motorized siren can prevent large losses that may occur.

In case of malfunctions that may occur on the machines, it allows you to take early measures by informing the error.

Motorized sirens used in electrical panels are activated in case of fire and facilitate early intervention.

In factories and workshops.

It is activated as a warning system in case of fire that may occur in fire alarm panels.

On lines with medium voltage.

In pneumatic panels.

Motorized Siren Usage Purposes

The usage purposes of motorized siren vary according to the sector. It is used as a fire alarm siren in case of fire. It is used as an error and warning warning system in machines or workshops. It acts as a warning system in emergencies.

Motorized Siren Types

Motorized siren types are classified according to many features of the products. Here you can find the types of motorized sirens that are divided according to their mounting types, power and voltages. As ILX, we provide S1-22B Series, S2-22B Series, S4-22B Series, S5-22B Series, S3-22B Series motorized siren service.

What to Consider When Buying Motorized Siren?

You should be sure that the motorized siren you will buy will meet your needs.

The loudness should be selected by calculating the noise of the environment in which it will be used.

The motorized siren to be used in the outdoor environment must be capped.

You should be careful to shop from where you trust.

What to Consider When Using Motorized Siren?

While the siren is in operation, no hand or any foreign object should come into contact with the propeller part of the siren.

The motorized siren should not work for more than 2 hours. After 2 hours, the engine is in danger of burning. In order to prevent this situation, the motorized siren must be operated together with the timer.

It should be placed away from humid environments.

The assembly should be done in a solid way.

Advantages of ILX Motorized Siren

ILX motorized siren puts emphasis on user satisfaction. We can list the advantages of ILX motorized siren as follows;

Environmentally friendly.

Affordable motorized siren.

Quality material.

Wide range of products.

Die-cast aluminum.

Product with R&D work.

Quality controlled product.

Good motor winding.

The product that can be used under difficult conditions.

Motorized Siren Prices

Motorized siren types may affect the prices of motorized sirens. Features such as voltage type, dimensions, sound level, connection type and power consumption can affect motorized siren prices.


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