What are Mania Lights? Where to use?

What are Mania Lights? Where to use?

In our country, the word Mania is frequently used in the field of civil aviation. When we look at the meaning of the word "mania" in the dictionary, we see that the word means "obstacle". In its broad sense, obstacle is considered as any moving and stationary object that can be encountered while the aircraft is navigating and that can be called a hazard. Here, aircraft warning lights, which can be described as warning lights used to make these obstacles visible, are called mania lights.

What Do Mania Lights Do?

Mania lights mark emerging dangers, ie obstacles. Mania lights are also called aircraft warning lights or mania lights. Mania lights are used to secure day and night flights and to prevent aircraft from hitting any high structure.

In the past, these lights used to work with the help of a simple light bulb in the luminaire head. This system, which was shaped over time, first started to work with the help of xenon. Today, mania lights, which continue to operate as a system that works with LED lamps, continue to serve as warning lamps. Thus, life and flight safety is provided.

Mania Light Standards

Mania lights being usd in high-rise buildings are categorized by ICAO, namely International Civil Aviation, taking into consideration criteria such as light pattern, light color and light intensity. Mania lights being used in high-rise buildings must have features that appeal to the national standards set by ICAO, ATEX, FAA, CAA and the General Directorate of Civil Aviation. Among the international standards on this subject, the most widely used are the standards determined by the International Civil Aviation Organization known as ICAO and the FAA, namely the American Civil Aviation organization. The standards based on national level are the standards determined by SGHM, which is the Civil Aviation organization. In addition, explosion and combustion resistant mania lights and the type of these lights are determined by ATEX.

Features of Mania Lights

Mania lights must be in a structure that can adapt to all weather conditions. It should be able to function in hot or cold weather. Mania lights are used especially in case of high altitude in designated areas around the airport. For this, an mania development plan should be prepared. Municipalities and governorships and institutions authorized to make obstacle development plans can prepare these plans.

Usage Areas of Mania Lights

We can summarize the usage areas of mania lights as follows;

Buildings higher than 45 meters.

Towers belonging to base stations.

Towers of television and radio transmitters.


Industrial chimneys.

Wind turbines.

Airports and bridges

Mania Lights Prices

In this article, we gave you information about mania lights. We can also give a brief information for mania lights price information. Mania lights price information may vary depending on the nature of the mania light. Some of the aircraft warning lights you can find on our site are;

ILX-AFC-D Series Aircraft Warning Lights, which are frequently used in high-rise buildings, airports, areas such as chimneys, pipes and bridges; It works with a backup LED system. ILX-AFC-S Series Aircraft Warning Lights are optional and have an advanced technology in case of any problem. ILX-AFC-S Series Aircraft Warning Lights are mechanically durable. You can click on the link for the mania ights we can recommend for you. You can examine the mania lights options and contact us for price information.


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