Solar Warning Light for Tower Cranes

Solar Warning Light for Tower Cranes

Due to the rapidly developing and increasing urbanization, housing constructions and industry in our country, the use of tower cranes is also increasing. Since the tower cranes are very high, they fall under the category of structures that pose a danger to aircraft. Therefore, solar warning lights should be used for both tower cranes installed near the airport and tower cranes with a height of +45 meters installed anywhere. In this direction, we prepared a blog post as ILX Engineering for those who want to get more detailed information on the subject. We hope our article will be useful and we wish you a good reading.

General Information on the Use of Solar Warning Lamps in Tower Cranes

There are various rules regarding the use of solar-powered warning lamps. The same type of solar lamp is not used for every building. However, the same solar warning lamps are not used for a specific type of building. This situation varies depending on the height of the building, its quality and other factors. We can list the basic rules on the subject as follows:

The level number of the solar warning lamp to be used varies depending on the height of the building.

The number of solar warning lamps and their location to be used should be determined so that the lights can be seen from all angles in the horizontal plane at all levels.

Solar warning lights should be applied in a way to show the general lines of the building or tower crane to be used.

The width and length of the crane towers affect how many lamps will be used at which level.

Low intensity A and B type solar warning lights are suitable for night use in tower cranes with a height of 45m and below. If the light intensity is insufficient, a solar warning lamp with a higher level of light can be used.

Medium intensity A, B or C solar warning lights are used for tower cranes with a height of 45m - 150m.

For tower cranes with a height of + 150m, high intensity A and B type solar panel warning lights should be used.

Solar Powered Warning Lamp Application in Tower Cranes

After giving information about the usage rules of solar-powered warning lamps for tower cranes, we can list the options for the use of these lights in tower cranes. It can be said that there are 3 basic options for the use of solar warning lamps in tower cranes. The first of these options is to use the red solar warning light for tower cranes only at night. Low intensity type A and B lamps should work this way. Another option is to use a white solar warning light for tower cranes both day and night. This option is valid for places where high intensity lamps are required. The third and the last option is to use a solar panel warning light, which gives white light during the day and red light at night. This mode of operation is desired where medium intensity lamps are required. For this, separate red and white lamps can be used, or solutions that combine two products in a single body can be preferred.

As ILX Engineering, we have come to the end of the blog post we prepared about the use of solar warning lights for tower cranes. Throughout the article, we talked about general and specific rules for using solar warning lamps for tower cranes. You can access the solar warning lamps we offer for you via the link above. If you are not sure about which solar warning lamp you need, you can contact us at 0216 499 11 06 and get information.


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