Kinco HMI - Human Machine Interface

Kinco HMI - Human Machine Interface
First of all, “What is a machine? Let's explain this briefly. A machine is a set of mechanisms combined to transform any type of energy into another or create a certain effect. Apart from the machines we see in daily life such as washing machines, dishwashers, televisions, microwaves and cars, they are available in machines used in industrial automation. Industrial automation has a wide range as it is used at every point of life.

Many sectors such as packaging, filling, injection, woodworking are now completely controlled by automation systems. Machines that provide this used to provide an amateur, manual, slow and unstable production. Now it is controlled by programmable and more efficient systems such as PLC (Programmable Logic Controls), Heat Control, Speed ​​Control, Motion Control Systems. Providing the connection between these systems and the machine and the operator is carried out with the HMI. While this communication was done with Text Displays before, now it is done with HMIs. With the HMI, features such as temperature, speed, pressure and manual control controlled by the machine can be controlled, determined or monitored. It maintains its own automation personnel with the machine producers, as well as providing automation support from outside, making electrical connections and realizing software services. The product selection of the personnel working in automation has to show the same functionality as the feature of the machine. In this context, HMI selections vary in direct proportion to the size and functions of the machine. Of course, due to the competitive environment in our country, the financial aspect of the business affects the product selection. HMI sizes are available in various sizes from 4.3 inches up to 15 inches. All of these products have hardware features such as touch, 65535 colors, LCD screen, program loading process from USB port. Apart from this, it supports many features such as recipe, remote connection, encryption systems, shift arrangement structures, graphic display, language change, gif playback, real time clock.

At this stage, the product should be recommended according to the customer's wishes and the functionality that the user wants to provide. Apart from the standard features specific to HMI, there are also features specific to some panel brands and models. Standard security cameras can be connected to Kinco MT5620 and MT5720T models and snapshots are provided. Apart from that, there are models that come with software and can be inserted to USB Memory and SD card for long-term data recording. The important data for the users can be saved in the ".csv" extension in daily, hour, minute or second resolution and this file structure can be opened with Microsoft Office Excel program. Thanks to this feature, production can be reported and monitored. Apart from the components in the HMI software, there are macro structures to provide textual support for machine control. One of the biggest advantages of Kinco panels at this stage is providing Standard C language support. In this way, the user gets used to the HMI software in a shorter and more convenient time. Considering that many controllers are communicated with the HMI, the number of devices it can communicate with is also very important at this stage. While Kinco HMIware software communicates with approximately 150 controllers, more and more devices are added to this library every day. It can communicate with controller devices of many brands such as Kinco, Siemens, Omron, Allen Bradley and supports communication protocols such as Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII, Can-Open, Profibus, MPI.

Although HMIs are equipped with many features, one of the most important points of the user is the support provided after the product sale. Our point of view on this issue is to always be with the user and be able to answer their questions. At this stage, the user can be supported in many ways. In addition to the support given by phone, we are trying to achieve this with the documents we have prepared, sample programs and video descriptions. Apart from these, support is provided by forum sites in order to make the user's questions useful not only for himself but also for other users. There are websites such as Kontrolkalemi.com and elektrotekno.com that support all subjects and brands. Apart from this, there are forums established for companies to provide support for their own products. One of them is www.forumosh.com site. It is a forum where software, manuals and technical documents can be found about each product belonging to the Kinco product group and answers can be found for all questions.

    As we have mentioned in the sections explained so far, the functionality of the product is very important for product selection. But the software made while using this functionality must be as simple as possible so that the machine operator can use it comfortably.

When using visuality in the software, the images to be used should be selected considering the resolution supported by the product, and excessive crowding should be avoided. For a user doing a standard HMI program, the Kinco MT4404T (7 inch) model meets many requests. The resolution support in this product is 800x480 compared to other equivalents in the market. In this way, the user can make a program that is more pleasing to the eye.

Although HMIs have software and hardware features within their own structure, other features are added in line with the request of the machine operators or the end users who buy the machine. Features such as printing from the printer, controlling the machine by making remote connection, long-term data recording, adaptation of the Ethernet port, which have been carried out until now and have always been able to go up one level for HMIs.

Thanks to all these features we have mentioned, the control interface of many machine types such as filling machines, packaging machines, injection machines, woodworking machines, marble machines, ventilation heating-cooling systems, test devices, press machines, shrink machines, carpet washing machines and the operator. provided. In this field, we provide services for test devices with the feature of data recording, for the control of giant presses with the ability to connect cameras, for filling and packaging reporting with the ability to connect a printer.

Due to the competitive environment in our country, end users are provided with two main services. These are European products and Far Eastern products. In general, large factories prefer European products, while smaller businesses use Far Eastern products. The fact that Far Eastern products can hold more in the sector depends on their characteristics that are not like European and American origin products. For this reason, Far East-based products now have every feature as well as plus features and provide direction to the sector. It would have to take into account developments in the last 10 years if we are machine-automation industry to show more progress in Turkey's giants in the world where the company will create. In our country, which has a young and hardworking population, what is required for this is that people are not directed to this sector and trained qualified personnel are not trained, which is perhaps the biggest deficiency of the sector. At this stage, with the support of the state or private sector, the theoretical knowledge provided in schools is blended with practical knowledge and equipped to meet the needs of the people who complete their education. Apart from this, the support that the state will provide for all kinds of small-medium-large enterprises that produce will be an important factor for the survival of the sector.

Considering all these issues we have mentioned, we act with an institutional structure that develops itself more and tries to be a pioneer by adding innovations for the growth of the sector.


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