Kinco Stepper Motor Types and Usage Areas

Kinco Stepper Motor Types and Usage Areas

Stepper motors, which are devices that convert electrical energy to physical energy with rotational motion, come to the fore with the wide range of usage areas and the efficiency they provide. Stepper motors, also called step motors, are a very useful type of motor. As ILX Engineering, we will talk about stepper motors in this week's blog post. Throughout the article, we will talk about details such as the working principle of stepper motors, what they are and their usage areas. We hope it will be a useful blog post for those who want to learn about stepper motors, we wish you a good reading.

What is Kinco Stepper Motor? What Does Kinco Stepper Motor Do?

Stepper motor briefly; It can be defined as electromechanical devices that are used to convert electrical energy into physical energy with rotational motion and whose angular position can be changed in steps. Stepper motors, which are very useful in both small and large-scale industrial projects, come to the forefront by not making position errors in their movements. It is a very useful motor type, especially for industrial projects that require high position accuracy, since it does not make position errors.

Types of Stepper Motor

There are many types of stepper motors. Therefore, you can easily find the most suitable stepper motor for you according to your specific usage purposes. The main types of stepper motors can be listed as follows:

Two and three phase stepper motors

Unipolar stepper motors

Bipolar stepper motors

Permanent magnet stepper motors

Variable reluctance stepper motors

One piece


Linear stepper motors

Hybrid stepper motors

Hydraulic stepper motors

Advantages and Features of Stepper Motor

Stepper motors (step motors) provide benefits to industrial projects in terms of efficiency in many ways. The main advantages and features of stepper motors can be listed as follows:

The speed of the stepper motors can be adjusted arbitrarily before the motor is started. As the speed is set, it continues at the same speed after starting to work.

Stepper motors provide a greater advantage at the control point when used with stepper motor drivers.

It does not create large expenses for its users in the long run. As a matter of fact, because they are not a complex engine, they are easy to maintain and tend to be long-lasting.

There are many types of stepper motors. This makes it easier for you to find the model that suits your exact needs in your field of activity.

It is compatible with digital control systems. In this way, controls can be made with elements such as computers and microprocessors.

There is no need for feedback in stepper motors. As a matter of fact, the control of stepper motors can be done in open loop.

While stepper motors are running, they do not make any position errors in their movements.

One of the features of the stepper motor is that it is suitable for use for many years.

Stepper Motor Working Principle

After explaining the definition, types and advantages of stepper motors, which are also called stepper motors, we can give information about the working principle of stepper motors. The stepper motors produce analog rotational motion output with the pulse signals applied to their inputs. As the name suggests, it performs the said rotation stepper by stepper and with high precision. The structure of the stepper motor consists of rotor, stator and bearings. The main function of the bearings is to allow the shaft connected to the rotor to move freely. Stators have multiple poles. However, the number of poles in the stators varies according to the type of stepper motor. The polarity of these poles is changed regularly by electronic switches. The magnetism of the rotor is created either by permanent magnet or external stimulation techniques.

Usage Areas of Stepper Motors

As we mentioned in the introduction of our article, the usage areas of stepper motors are quite a lot. We can list the main places where stepper motor is used as follows:

Food packaging industry

Medical devices

CNC machines




Floppy drives

Card readers

Tape drives

Manufacturing and machine benches

Tape drives

Sewing machines


Remote control indicators

Filling Machines

Labeling Machines

Textile Machinery

Factors Affecting the Prices of Kinco Stepper Motors

We can devote the last part of our article to the factors that affect Kinco stepper motor prices. The variety of stepper motors is the main factor affecting the prices of the stepper motor. Other factors include product brand; Features of stepper motors such as torque, speed, flange and power values ​​are included.

As ILX Engineering, we have come to the end of the blog post where we give information about stepper motors. Throughout the article, we gave information about the features, advantages, usage areas and working principles of stepper motors. In the light of this information, you can find details about the Kinco stepper motors we offer for you via the link. With the price and other features of the Kinco stepper motor you like


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