ILX-Warning Lights Specialist

ILX-Warning Lights Specialist
Our Ilx Brand, which continues to be produced under the roof of ILX Engineering, has high quality illuminated columns, signal lamps, illuminated tower lamps, alarm lamps, aircraft warning lamps of the sector, which has achieved serious improvements in quality and product range every year. Thanks to its high resistance to mechanical impacts and vibrations with its ilx led products, long life and maintenance-free operation is guaranteed. Ilx illuminated warning lamps offer European standards of quality and product understanding in applications such as factory automation, panel systems, machinery manufacturing sector, etc., especially in the automation sector, with many types of led products. ilx tower lights are easy to install, pre-assembled and wired. Ilx tower lights provide a ready-to-use solution for customer installation, when supplied ready to use.

Ilx Overhead Lamps are a simple product developed for applications in protected environments, with buzzer options and economic costs, they are used as fault warning products in the machinery sector. The ILX T67 model, which is completely modular, is highly appreciated by end users with its high luminous capability. The fact that products can be added later in ILX modular tower lamps has managed to become a solution partner for applicators with high expectations, and has raised the quality standards one step further with power led products. Thanks to its extremely compact design, the ilx buzzer is suitable for crane applications and applications requiring loud noise for long distance signaling of the product process status. The Ilx T67 tubular horn has become a sought-after product in the lifting industry thanks to its high buzzer, and responded to visual needs with its high light intensity. The spare parts requirements of the ILX product family have been supported with a healthy and applicable product range.

Ilx products, where all products can be supplied as spare parts, impress with their durable body and aesthetic designs.


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