IL-XACF Series Aircraft

IL-XACF Series Aircraft
Nowadays, the role of air transport is undoubtedly at the top level in our country as well as in the world. In an environment where hundreds of aircraft land and take off with thousands of passengers every day, the safety factor is also of great importance; Especially the residences, multi-storey buildings and high-rise buildings built in the areas close to the airport take the leading role of this security problem and make it necessary to take security measures.

Aircraft warning lights; Day / night visibility of high-rise and multi-storey buildings is a security measure required by the International Aviation Authorities as an important security factor in ensuring building and flight safety.

In our country, Aircraft Warning Lights are classified according to the color, pattern and mode of operation of the light with the regulations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (SHGM) of our national institution and the internationally accepted regulations (ATEX, CAA, FAA).

Although the number, type and mode of operation of the aircraft warning lamp to be used as a security measure vary according to the distance of the building to the airport, height and width of the building; It is used extensively in areas such as Bridges, Airports, Pipelines, Tower Cranes, Wind Turbines, High Buildings, Flagpoles, Transmission Lines, Antenna, Radar, Radio and Television Tower.

Our local production ILX IL-XACF Series warning lamps: Fixed and Flasher operating mode, PC Lens, Aluminum Body, 360 ° angle and 10 km visibility, Quality and Standard; Annex XIV, with its Volume I, Chapter VI Certificate, IP 54 / IP65 Protection Class, -40 ° + 55 ° C heat resistance and Redundant Double Row Led Array, offers high customer satisfaction and long life guarantee by prioritizing durability and safety.


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