What is HMI Screen? Where to Use?

What is HMI Screen? Where to Use?

HMI systems, which are the future of the automation sector, are important for everyone who is interested in automation systems. HMI systems, which are also known as operator panels and touch panels, enable to bring together the concepts of human and machine. Therefore, it has an important place especially in the field of automation. In this direction, as ILX Engineering, we wanted to prepare a blog post about HMI screens. Throughout the article, we will give answers to questions such as "What is HMI?", "What is HMI for?" And "How much does the HMI screen cost?" We hope this will be a useful blog post for those who want to learn about HMU touch panels, we wish you a good reading.

What is HMI Screen? What Does HMI Do?

HMI system; It can be defined as a device and software that enables the user to communicate with the machine and production facilities. With the advancement of technology, the automation sector has started to gain more value. Parallel to this, it develops more innovations in order to keep up with technology. HMI systems are one of the foundations of these innovations. HMI stands for "Human-Machine Interface" in English and translated as "Human-Machine Interface" in Turkish. HMI systems, which are also characterized by names such as touch panel, touch panel, operator panel in the sector, have especially been the crown of industrial automation systems.

It is used to provide interaction between users and automation systems where systems such as PLC (Programmable Logic Controller, Programmable Controller) are used. We can say that HMI systems, which enable users to communicate with machinery and production facilities, form the future of the automation industry. HMI systems visually screen data; tracking production times, trends and labels; It has functions such as monitoring machine inputs and outputs. For example, you can interact with your home air conditioning system on the screen. Similarly, a facility operator can use HMI screens to see the latest status of the industrial water tank. Therefore, it can be said that they give information about mechanical performance and condition.

How Do HMI Panels Work?

After giving general information about what HMI panels are and what they do, we can also give a brief information about how HMI systems work. We have previously stated that HMI systems are software that enable interaction with machinery and production facilities. HMI translates complex data into accessible information for this. The operator controls the production process. It transmits the feedback received from the operator to the automation system. In addition, the data received from the automation system is reflected on the screen. The features of the automation system are decisive in how many pages the received data will be displayed on the HMI screen. It can be displayed on a few pages or in a more complex structure.

Usage Areas of HMI Systems

HMI systems have many uses. It is used in almost all industrial companies to interact with machines and improve their industrial processes. We can list the main usage areas of HMI screens as follows:


Oil and gas


Food and drink




Water and waste water

Advantages of HMI Touch Panels

The main advantages of HMI touch panels can be listed as follows:

The graphical interface is user-friendly. The graphical interface has color coding for easy status diagnosis.

Pictures and icons help the user understand situations quickly.

Along with reducing the production costs in the areas used; It has the potential to increase the level of profits.

It eliminates the need for a mouse and keyboard.

HMI Screen Prices

Touch panel prices vary depending on many factors. These include factors such as the type of the screen, the size of the screen, the processor of the device and the memory capacity. As ILX Engineering, for those who want to buy touch panels, you can browse the products we offer via the link; You can consult us for the prices of the touch panels you like.


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