Fenac Encoder

Fenac Encoder
Fenac encoders are the best domestic brand in the field of industrial automation in length, position, speed and angle measurements. Fenac encoders are used in test equipment, elevators, machines in the food industry, machines in the textile industry, machines in the iron and steel industry. Fenac encoders are used in wooden machines, printing machines and packaging machines. Fenac absolute encoders are used in areas where a precise position value is assigned in angular positions. Fenac incremental encoders are used in areas where linear or rotational motion needs to be evaluated. Correct mounting of the encoder and setting the correct connection method are very important to avoid technical problems and malfunctions. In this regard, Fenac Encoder's technical team has provided after-sales technical support to many customers. Fenac encoder team, which provides technical support without loss of time in case of failure, has ensured that many machines work without interruption.

Fenac encoder features are very robust and highly resistant to vibration. Fenac encoders, which can be easily applied in a wide range of industrial applications in difficult environmental conditions with its compact structure, are offered to users with an excellent price and performance ratio. One is variable mounting options, linear measurement, robust design, solid wire (stainless steel), optional analog and digital output. Position, velocity / acceleration and other variables are measured simultaneously with the Fenac encoder, high dynamic and high resolution is read. It also offers high IP protection, extremely robust and wear-free.


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