Information on Industrial Touch Buttons and Indicators

Information on Industrial Touch Buttons and Indicators

Industrial touch buttons and indicators are among the products that require use in many areas of the industry. As ILX Engineering, we will give information about the illuminated touch buttons and indicators in this week's blog post. We hope it will be a useful blog post for those who want to get information about the products in question, we wish you a good read.

What is an Illuminated Touch Button? What Does It Do?

Illuminated touch buttons are electrical buttons with intelligent electrical field sensing capability and different color options, ideal for use in pick-to-light and part recall applications. Illuminated touch buttons have many functions. Thanks to their ergonomic structure and easy usage, they increase the efficiency of the operations and contribute to the acceleration of the works. Having different dimensions makes it easier to develop better solutions for the needs. They are suitable for use in all kinds of applications in the industry. Even in the most difficult and complex situations, the illuminated touch buttons can detect hand contact quickly and accurately. They are resistant to many chemicals and pressure washes. Therefore, they are applicable and ideal solutions even for harsh environments in industrial areas where there is a need for touch buttons. The illuminated touch buttons have different colors and each color has a different meaning.

Illuminated Touch Button Colors and Meanings

You can examine the colors and meanings of the illuminated touch buttons on the table below.

Color & Meaning

Red indicates dangerous and emergency situations.

Yellow Indicates that an abnormal condition has occurred. In case the machine or system is put into standby mode

Green Indicates a normal and stable state.

Blue Indicates Mandatory situations.

What is Light Indicator? What Does It Do?

Light indicators; They are industrial devices that are in the category of LED lighting products, provide high-level and quality lighting, and provide status indication. LED indicators, which can be used in many different areas of the industry, operate with low power consumption thanks to their LED technology. These products, which are long-lasting and do not require maintenance, provide illumination and indication features over a single piece. In this way, many demanding industrial applications can be overcome by using less product. The illuminated indicators, whose maintenance and cleaning can be done quickly, are divided into different types among themselves.

As ILX Engineering, we have come to the end of the blog post where we gave information about illuminated indicators and illuminated touch buttons. Throughout the article, we have provided information about what the light indicators and touch buttons are and what they do. If you want to examine these products we offer for you, you can reach the product page via the relevant links. To get information about other details and prices of the products you like; You can contact us on the line 0216 499 11 06.


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