What is Buzzer ? How Does It Work ?

What is Buzzer  ? How Does It Work ?

Buzzer types, which are among the auditory warning devices, have many usage areas. Accordingly, there are many questions about buzzer models. As ILX Engineering, we wanted to prepare an informative blog post about buzzers accordingly. You can find what you are curious about in the blog post where we answered questions such as "What does the buzzer mean?", "What does the buzzer do?" And "Where are the usage areas of the buzzer?".

What is Buzzer? What Does It Do?

Buzzer; It is a type of auditory warning device that works on mechanical, electromechanical or piezoelectric principles. Buzzers, which have a lot of usage areas, generally work with the piezoelectric principle. Buzzers can be used in functions such as alarm, timer, confirmation response alert, depending on their area of ​​use. As a matter of fact, as we mentioned in the definition, buzzers are types of auditory warning devices. They have types such as illuminated buzzer, non-light buzzer, passive buzzer and active buzzer.

What Are The Types Of Buzzer?

There are many types of buzzers in the sector depending on the width of their usage areas. We can list the main buzzer types as follows:

1. Magnetic Buzzer: The sounds of magnetic buzzers come out through the coil. As a result of the electric flow activating the coil, sound is produced.

2. Electromechanical Buzzer: The biggest difference of the electromechanical buzzer from other types of buzzer is that the contact point becomes active while the current moves towards the device. Old type house bells, which are not used much today, are examples of electromechanical buzzers.

3. Mechanical Buzzer: In mechanical buzzer types, not electric current; The springs that are tightly coiled are used. Thanks to the use of springs, mechanical energy can be converted into sound.

4. Piezo Buzzer: It can be said that piezo buzzers are the most popular among the buzzer types. As a matter of fact, piezo buzzers have low cost and high performance. It is a buzzer that can give different responses according to the electric current. This feature allows it to sound in different tones in different periods.

How to Connect Buzzer?

One of the frequently asked questions about buzzers is "How to connect a buzzer?" In line with the buzzer operating instructions, we can list the main points that should be considered while connecting the buzzer as follows:

The mounting hole should be drilled according to the hole specified in the user manual of the product.

For types of buzzers with terminals, the cable must be inserted into the terminal during the connection.

In order to prevent negativities such as short circuits in screw type buzzers, insulation should be made during the connection.

In cable buzzer types, care should be taken not to pull the cable too much. As a matter of fact, it is not repaired that such cable breaks occur.

How Does Buzzer Work?

After we give information about what the buzzers are in general and what they do, we can also provide information about the working systems of the buzzers. If the buzzer you use has a circuit, the circuit inside the buzzer converts the voltage applied to the input terminals into an oscillation signal. If you are using a non-circuit buzzer, you must generate the AC signal that will drive the buzzer and give it to the buzzer. When high voltage is applied to the piezo ceramic disc, mechanical expansion and contraction occur in the radial direction. As a result, the metal plate inside the device is bent in the opposite direction. As a result of the bending of the metal plate in opposite directions, the buzzers begin to create sound waves. Buzzers, which generally work with the piezo electric principle, work with the sound generated on the disc as a result of the vibrations sent to the discs inside the amplifier.

How to Use Buzzer?

Buzzer devices have two legs in total. One of the legs is (+) and the other is (-) leg. Therefore, attention should be paid to the legs of the buzzer when connecting the buzzer. Buzzers usually have (+) or (-) indicators on the legs to help you distinguish their legs.

Buzzer Usage Areas

We can list the main usage areas of buzzers as follows:



Entry and exit doors

Alarm system

Vehicle consoles

Electronic devices

Shipping vehicles


What Should Be Considered When Buying Buzzers?

Here are our main recommendations for those who are in the process of purchasing a buzzer to make the right choice:

Consider the general noise level of the environment where the buzzer will be used.

Decide the supply voltage level

Measure the suitability of the buzzer you intend to buy where you want to install it.

Decide on your connection style

As ILX Engineering, we have come to the end of our blog post about buzzers. Throughout the article, we tried to address all the details of buzzers by answering questions such as "What is the buzzer?", "What is the buzzer used for?" Among the varieties we offer for you, there are products such as industrial type buzzer, red buzzer, 2-color buzzer, 3-color multi-buzzer. You can examine the products in question and other types of buzzers via the relevant link. To get information about buzzer prices, you can contact us on 0216 499 11 06.


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