What is an Incremental Encoder ? And its Usage Areas

What is an Incremental Encoder ? And its Usage Areas

Encoders are electromechanical devices that generate signals and provide feedback according to the movements of the motor shaft to which they are connected. Incremental encoders are one of the types of encoders that have many types among themselves. As ILX Engineering, in this week's blog post, we will discuss incremental encoders that can be used in dozens of different areas such as automation, CNC machines and robots, which increase efficiency. We hope it will be a useful blog post for those who want to learn about the incremental encoder, we wish you a good reading.

What is Incremental Encoder? What Does It Do?

Incremental encoders produce information about position, angle and number of revolutions in the systems they are used; Electromechanical devices that generate signals and give feedback according to the movements of the motor shaft. Position control is possible with the incremental encoder. It generates continuous square signals for the rotating shaft and gives information about its position and counting operations. One of the most important differences of incremental encoders from absolute encoders which is another encoder type; it accepts and sets its position as 0 from the moment they are turned on. After they are run, they take action on this value. Another difference between absolute and incremental encoders is in price. Absolute encoders are generally more expensive than incremental encoders. Incremental encoders, which are generally used to monitor and control motion parameters such as speed, direction, distance or position, can also be named as incremental encoders and incremental encoders in the sector.

Usage Areas of Incremental Encoders

The usage areas of incremental encoders were quite wide. Below, you can examine the main usage areas of incremental encoders:

Automation systems

Industrial control processes

Leather and textile processing machines

CNC machines

Packaging and printing machines

Plate processing machines

Servo motor and servo motor systems

Cement processing machines

Pressing machines

Door control machines and devices

Medical machines and devices

Balances and scales

Things to Consider When Buying Incremental Encoders

The main points to consider when purchasing incremental encoders can be listed as follows:

The number of pulses produced by the incremental encoder per revolution

Where is the direction of increase of the pulse signal

Its supply and output voltage

Whether it has additional outputs such as alarm, sensor and hall

Flange type

The amplitude of the reference output

Physical properties of the incremental encoder such as body diameter and length

Which material or materials the incremental encoder is made of

Connection type (wired, socket etc.)

Socket / cable outlet direction

Protection class it has

As ILX Engineering, we have come to the end of the blog post we prepared for incremental encoders. Throughout the article, we have answered questions such as "What is incremental encoder?", "What are the usage areas of incremental encoders?" For those who want to get information about incremental encoders. We would like to remind you that you can contact us to get information about the subject and that you can reach our programmable encoder and incremental encoder types via the relevant link.


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