AG03 / 1 IO-Link Position Actuator

AG03 / 1 IO-Link Position Actuator
With the IO-link interface, cable mess and installation difficulties are now a dream. Discover our IO-Link product in positioning with Industry 4.0.
Precise and repeatable positioning is always important for sustainability when formats are changed on production machines such as packaging machines, textile machines, printing machines or woodworking machines. In addition to minimizing machine setup times, our fully automatic positioning drivers can stop incorrect adjustments. With this feature, it prevents waste by preventing waste products and faulty products. Our SIKO positioning actuators can do all this effectively, but now it's back for the first time with an IO-Link interface. For example, the new AG03 / 1 IO-Link positioning driver.

Plug and Play with IO-Link
The AG03 / 1 positioning driver provides fast integration through a point-to-point link using simple I / O link technology. Thanks to the open, manufacturer-independent standard of the IO-Link interface, suitable integration options for machine control systems are available. IO-Link core components can be used modularly to network multiple devices. This reduces complexity and cable consumption and commissioning costs. Standard wiring, combined with additional identification features, reduces serviceability and downtime in the event of errors. The IO-Link master allows the reading of parameter data from a field device, storing and uploading data to a new device of the same type even while operation is in progress when the old one is changed.

Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance
SIKO positioning drives provide specific data via the IO-Link interface. With the open IO-Link standard, a wide variety of network components from various manufacturers are available. Thus, uninterrupted communication from the field level to the cloud can be carried out securely and simply.

Versatile Solution for Minimum Installation Spaces
Even at wheelbases of only 37 mm, two adjacent positioning drives AG03 / 1 do not interfere with each other and can therefore be used with axles located very close to each other. In a compact body that is only 80 mm deep, the positioning driver has an IO-Link interface.

Performance Values
The brushless 24V EC motor has 50W output, is not subject to wear and thus ensures a long service life. Yet its torque of 3.2 Nm and a maximum speed of up to 100 rpm provide the highest performance for adjusting formats, stops and tools. Absolute magnetic measuring system with 1600 steps per revolution, produces position values ​​in high resolution along the entire travel path of ± 6250 revolutions. As a result, reference motions are no longer required when the drive is started. In addition, the magnetic measuring system has been proven to be resistant to dirt, moisture, shock and vibrations.

High performance compact actuator for complex positioning tasks


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