What is Luminaire Column? What Do Luminaire Columns Do?

What is Luminaire Column? What Do Luminaire Columns Do?
Luminaire columns, which are among the types of warning lamps and can be produced up to 5 floors, can be used in many industrial areas. Accordingly, luminous columns are among the products frequently sought in the sector. As ILX Engineering, we will consider luminaire columns, also known as warning lights with siren, in this week's blog post. In our article, in which we will present general information about lumaniare column types; We will give details of what the luminaire columns are, what they do, and their areas of use. We hope that it will be a useful blog post for those who want to learn about skylights and have a good reading.

What is Luminaire Column? What are the Functions of Luminaire Columns?

Lighted columns, which are used visually and audibly, are warning lamps that are produced in order to give the correct warning in the fastest way when a machine, process or equipment is required and divided into different types. In places where it is used, it emits high light, especially in danger situations, and transmits visual warning to the surroundings. Thus, it contributes positively to occupational safety in many areas. Light columns, which can be installed in a very simple and fast manner in general, consist of body, glass modules and buzzer. Each module in the luminaire columns can be adjusted to a different color and thus can be used with different color combinations. In this way, contrasting colors can be chosen according to the color that dominates the environment; The stimulus can be made to be more attractive. Since glass modules are not affected by the heat of the bulb, the bulb can transmit light vividly; It can be easily noticed in 360 degrees. Illuminated columns can be supplied as standard and installed on request. Working style of ILX skylight columns is fixed or with flasher; There are features such as buzzer type intermittent or continuous.

Types and Usage Areas of Luminaire Colums

Skylight columns that stand out with their stylish and ergonomic designs; Types such as 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5-storey luminiare columns are distinguished among themselves. Each floor represents a different module. Therefore, it is possible to create different color combinations in 2 or more storey luminaire columns. Among the module color types of modular luminaire columns, there are varieties such as blue, orange, yellow, green and red. Luminous columns produced in different diameters are offered with different leg options according to the place to be mounted. There are also varieties of luminaire columns with different light sources such as bulb and LED. Illuminated columns can be used in many different areas because warning lamps are the type with the most color options. Lighted columns that can be used in many industrial areas can be used in all kinds of machines, control panels, electrical panels and many other places.

Prices of Luminaire  Siren Warning Lights

The prices of the luminaire columns, which are also described in the sector with names such as warning light with siren and warning light with siren, may vary depending on many factors. Factors such as how many modules are in the luminaire column, what kind of light is used, the internal material structure of the luminaire column, sound level and power consumption are among the factors that affect the prices of the luminaire columns. You can take a look at the types of luminaire columns offered by ILX Engineering for you via the related link; You can consult us for the price of the modular warning lamp you like.


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