Crane Systems

Crane Systems
In parallel with the production of the crane sector, which has been growing and developing in our country from yesterday to today, we, as suppliers and manufacturers, contribute to the development of products of the same value. Our BH SERIES TUBULAR HORN products, which are our own production for safety, guidance and protection while cranes are working, aim to make the people around them more careful and cautious with 8 different acoustic melodies and 4 different operating functions. However, when the crane reaches the end of the rail, we meet the needs of manufacturers directly as domestic production with our CLS4 series fork switches with IP 65 protection class with 2 forward and 2 reverse stages that enable the engine to stop by sending a signal. As the Ilx family, we offer you a solution option regarding electrical connections. By choosing WALTHER plugs and sockets, you can minimize the risk of short circuit and ensure maximum user safety.

Our industrial plugs and industrial sockets reveal their long service life and reliability. In addition, the absence of unforeseen or unwanted interruptions gives you a high degree of flexibility. Today, occupational safety applications have started to find more place for themselves in cranes, and collision prevention systems are one of these applications. In the enterprises where the cranes are working and the conditions are clean, the FTQ series photoelectric sensor is slowed down to the safe distances before it collides and stopped when they reach the desired distance.
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