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Transportation Industry

High-Rise Building Aircraft Warning Light Systems

In recent years, the number of tall buildings has been increasing, especially in big cities. Among these, we can count high-rise residences, business centers, shopping malls, residences and other high-rise building derivatives. These tall buildings, which change the general face of the city, create safe passage risks for airplanes and helicopters. Therefore, aircraft warning lights are used in high-rise buildings in line with certain regulations. In this blog post, we will give information about the types of high-rise aircraft warning lights and general regulations.

General Information About High-Rise Building Aircraft Warning Lights

High-rise buildings, whether temporarily or permanently, should be illuminated in accordance with the regulations set by the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) in order not to endanger flight safety and to contribute to the safe progress of air transportation. There is a certain lower limit for the use of building aircraft warning lights. However, the same type of aircraft warning lamps cannot be used for all high-rise buildings above a certain lower limit. As a matter of fact, the type of aircraft warning lamps for the building is determined according to the specific height range of the building. All types of high-rise warning lamps used should be positioned so that the lights can be seen from all sides and horizontally at all levels. While the high-rise building warning lamp is placed in the building, it should be placed in a way to reveal the general shape of the structure. The number of high-rise warning lights to be used is not only on the length of the building; It is also determined by its width. As the length of the building increases, aircraft warning lamps with higher light intensity should be used. In cases where the building and plaza warning light should be used only at night, the warning light turns red. In cases where it is necessary to use both day and night, aircraft warning lamps should be used with white light at daytime and red light at night.

Light Features of Building Warning Lights

The rules regarding the light values ​​of high-rise and work towers warning lamps are as follows:

- Low intensity aircraft warning lights are suitable for night use in buildings with a height of 45m and less. If the light intensity of such aircraft warning lamps is found to be insufficient, a higher intensity aircraft warning lamp can be used.

- Medium intensity A, B or C type aircraft warning lights should be used in buildings with a maximum height of 150m and higher than 45m.

- High intensity A and B type lamps should be used in buildings with a height of more than 150m.

We have come to the end of the blog post we prepared about high-rise building warning lights. Throughout the article, we gave information about the aircraft warning light types and usage regulations for the high-rise building. You can find details about the price and features of the aircraft warning lamp that we offer for you on the link. If you have a question you want to ask, you can reach us on 0216 499 11 06.

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