Ventilation Systems

Ventilation Systems

Touch Panel (HMI) and AC Drivers are used in Chiller Water Cooling devices. With Kinco Touch Panel (HMI), the data of all inputs and outputs can be displayed and controlled. Inlet-Outlet water temperatures and Suction-Discharge pressure information, which are analog data in the system, can also be displayed on the Kinco Touch Panel (HMI) and set values ​​can be adjusted.

User data can be recorded on USB Memory Sticks so that users can keep recordings for a long time, and at the same time, these data can be downloaded to the PC via Ethernet. Apart from this, alarm information is also displayed on the screen and recorded in this system. Like other data, alarm information can be accessed remotely and downloaded to the PC by the user.

All these controls can be performed remotely by the Kinco Touch Panel (HMI) VNC feature. The data seen on the screen from a remote location to the Device in the factory with the same network or internet access from another location can be seen and controlled on a PC, Tablet, Mobile Phone.

In this system, AC drives provide the cooling of the entire surface of the condenser fan by changing the speed of the fans according to the data from the measurement of the pressure pressure with an analog sensor. It is generally used in Plastic Injection machines. At the same time, in the health sector, cooling process in MR devices is carried out with Chiller Water Cooling devices.

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