Kinco FV20-4T-2500G/2800L 3-Phase AC Inverter (250kW)

Kinco FV20-4T-2500G/2800L 3-Phase AC Inverter (250kW)

Input Voltage 3 phase,380-440V AC,50Hz/60Hz
Input Current (A) 437.0
Output Voltage 0 ~Rated İnput Voltage,3 Phase
Output Current (A) 470.0
Output Frequency 0-300Hz
Digital Input Number 6 Digital İnput
Digital Output Number 2 Digital Output
Analog Input Number 2 Analog İnput
Analog Output Number 2 Analog Output
Suitable Motor Power 250.0kW
Control Mode V/F Control,Vector control without PG,Vector Control with PG
Communication RS485 Modbus
Display and Function Keys 5 Digit Display +9 Function Key
Potantiometer available
Dimensions (Depness x Height x Width) 380x1006x690 (mm)
Portable Keypad available

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